Sunday, February 24, 2013

St. George Beach, Corfu

Continuing from Sidhari Beach Corfu we travel along the narrow roads to St. George Beach a beautiful circular cove with soft golden sand that goes all the way from the road to the water.  It gets deep fairly quickly so it is perfect for adults but young children will need to be watched.  Our kids enjoyed making sand castles and jumping the waves with daddy.
the southern part has more waves.
 Tavernas and Hotels line the main road at one point in the road you have to go around a small part of the town, but otherwise the main road follows the beach. 
The northern part of the beach has fewer waves but when we were there it had more sea grasses on the sand, causes a few more sand "flies".
My husband loved this beach so much that we tried to find land nearby, you can find some plots for fairly cheap but in Greece you have to be careful because in some areas you can't build or there are some very strict rules to building.


  1. I did 3 days on the island of Corfu. Dream as nice. Memories of the island of Corfu have written here. You told you so nice. Thank you.

  2. I like the video that the previous person lead me too and its all so gorgeous..


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