Saturday, February 9, 2013

Greece 101

Some facts about Greece.

Greece has a mainland, it is not all Islands, to the north we are bordered by Albania, Macedonia (in Greece you need to call it FYROM) and Bulgaria, to the East is Turkey.

We have a lot of mountains, in fact 80% of the land mass is mountainous.

On the West we have the Ionian Sea (Corfu is here), to the South the Mediterranean Sea and to the East the Aegean Sea.

There are approximately 1,400 Islands (yep, 1,400 - the CIA says 2000) of that 227 are inhabited.

Greece has the 11th longest Coastline (13,676 km, or 8,498 mi) we are after China and before Britain.  That's a lot of beaches to visit, lol.

Population of Greece is close to 11 million, compared to the United States of 315 million.

This year 150,000 people turned in their car registration, it is too expensive to drive in Greece,  that would be equivalent to 4,095,000 million people giving up there car in the States.  HOLY COW WOW!

Unemployment rate is 23%, but this is with people who are registered through the unemployment office, the time limit for some people to claim unemployment has ended and the government does not count them.  For example we have a friend who has never held a job even though she is looking, she does not count, same for all of the young people straight out of school who are looking for jobs but can not get them, they do not count either.  So it is safe to say that our unemployment rate is more in the 40 percentile, than in the 20's.

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