Friday, February 8, 2013

Ipsos Beach, Corfu, Greece

Ipsos Beach, one of my husbands favorite beaches, he went there in the '91 and says it hasn't changed much.
This is a quick trip outside of Corfu Town less than 30 minutes, lots of parking on the main road, that is right behind the beach.  On the road are lots of places to grab lunch and drinks, several mini markets and lots of touristy shops (better shopping can be found elsewhere).  I think it is a good day trip early morning or later afternoon, I don't really like to be out on the beach between 1-4, too hot and the sun just bakes you.

 Ipsos Beach a very long beach lots of room to move around in, and fairly 
easy to find a spot to play and splash where you won't interfere with other swimmers.

 Directly from the ferry ride over from the mainland, this
is a perfect quick stop for the kids to have a dip.

 A place to anchor your boat to the far right of the beach.

 This is a shingle beach (little pebbles) they go into the water 
for a little bit and then it is sand, some large rocks in certain places.
Only shade provided by these palm trees (so bring an umbrella
if you want to stay long).

 You can see Corfu Town from the beach, that's it in the distance.
 Shops and Tavernas on the Left and Beach on the Right.
Some people might not like being so close to the road, 
but it makes it very convenient for a quick dip.

 The water is shallow enough for children to play in, 
the waves are negligible, here I am "swimming" with my 
hands on the sand with my son on my back.

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  1. My husband and I have always dreamed of visiting Greece someday. Lovely blog!


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