Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ipsos Beach to Sidhari Beach

Looking down on Ipsos Beach as you drive north
After leaving Ipsos Beach there are a lot of hidden coves and small beaches, plenty of places to explore.

 Such as this beach that no one was on and the only way to get down was to park on the main road and walk down a small trail.
Is that your boat anchored out there?
Or Kalami Beach known for the "White House" where the writer Lawrence Durrell lived.  A beautiful pebbly cove with several tavernas right on the water including the famous White house that also has rooms to rent.

Corfu Island is filled with Olive groves, several places sell olive wood art or olive soap, a really nice treat.
Don't rent a car if narrow roads scare you, there are several places that have room for only one car to pass, the towns will have lights to help with navigating the narrow roads, but on some of the more rural areas, you're on your own.  Only with my husbands good driving did we not get smashed by a bus going very fast on a small road.
 On the northern part of Corfu you come to the very popular British resort area of Sidhari, a lot of Brits vacation here, it is perfect for families with small children.  The beach is sand and you can go out really  far and the water will still only be up to the mid calf.  Several water sports are offered and paddle boats with slides!
Also not to be missed the famous "Canal D'Amour" pictured above, just up from Sidhari beach.


  1. Beautiful trip once again -- just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Liebster Award.


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