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February Re-Cap-Anchors Aweigh

Did anyone get their First and Second Row completed of the Anchors Aweigh Quilt?

Row 2 hiding under there, blanket that I bought at IKEA and will be using for the back
Let's do a little re-cap of where we traveled in Corfu, we went to Ipsos Beach, Sidhari Beach, St. George beach.  Now I will take you to 2 popular beaches that I personally did not like, but feel I should include since a lot of people go to them.
Going from Agios Georgios south along a very narrow and scary roads you get to a very popular area called Paleokastritsa, once again if you are not a good driver it is suggested that you don't drive because some of these roads are like on cliffs.
I thought I took pictures of Paleokastritsa but I couldn't find them so I am borrowing from the internet, when we were there the beach was so packed that you couldn't even put a towel down, once again not for me.  It is a great place to go for lunch maybe if you can find parking.

source, this little tiny beach was packed with people, not room to even walk to the water.
The next beach we stayed at for 3 nights but only went down to the beach on one day, the day we arrived after that we drove around looking for better beaches, because this one was so rocky and even though we were staying in a hotel close by, it was a hike up a big hill after swimming and when you have 2 little kids to carry it's not so fun.  Parking was minimal and so we couldn't even just drive down and then drive back up.  If you don't have kids and enjoy a larger rock beach where the water gets deep pretty quick and there are small to medium waves then this beach is very nice, especially with the added bonus of lots of hotels around and tavernas.  In guidebooks and even on the internet it is said to be a sand beach, but on the year we went 2012, it was large rocks, I am guessing that in other years they may have dredged the bottom to get it to be sandy, this is just a guess though. 
Blue, Blue, Blue Waters

The kids did like throwing the rocks in the water, what kid wouldn't?

Agios Gordios, Corfu
With all of this traveling you could also just stay in Corfu Town and swim in this lovely cove right in the middle of the busy downtown, with it's small paved footpaths.
Corfu Town, Corfu

Oh did you want to see the Tula Pink Salt Water Aqua collection paired with V. and Co. Ombre Aqua.
do you see my little mess up.

I was asked how much background fabric I am using for my smaller version of the Anchor's Aweigh quilt.  I purchased 2 yards for each quilt, and cut them into 3 - 22 inch panels, I had 8 inches left over, (Caitlin over at I don't do dishes, is very generous in her cuts).  2 of the panels I cut from the middle 9.5 inches (don't forget I am using ombre fabric, this is making things a little different) for the sides (see picture above) then for the middle piece I cut that from the extra left over 8 inch piece.  The 3rd 22 inch piece I am cutting down the middle and then cutting out 8 inches on each side.
And if you missed the Salt Water Coral paired with Ombre Graphite Grey then you check out this post.
I am going to show you a cheater version of what I will be doing with the rest of the Rows tomorrow.

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  1. I think I have to visit the beaches in Greece one day...sigh...I love the ocean and warmth!


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