Saturday, February 2, 2013

Anchors Aweigh

Are your ready to play with your fabric?
I fussy cut my octopus out, she is so cute.
4 inches all around fit the octopus perfect.
It fit best when I cut it out as a 4x4 inch block and then I was left with 2x4 in between each Octopus, so that makes 2 - 2 inch blocks.
In the above picture I haven't cut the anchor out yet.
Then I fussy cut the Anchor between making sure the middle of the anchor was at 1 inch and then cutting it 2 inches wide.

and Row 1 is done with 4 - 2 inch blocks at the bottom.
If you need the pattern you can find it here
Once again I am making 2 smaller quilts so I will be doing mine a little different from the pattern, if you want to do what I am doing then I can give more information, just let me know.

I have made a flickr group and if you would like to join just let me know in the comments section and I will send you an e-mail to join.

I will be working on Row 2 this week and will show you mine next Saturday, more QAL information can be found at the top of this blog on the Anchors Aweigh QAL page.

There is also another QAL going on and it starts February 18 and goes to March 25th, she is doing 1 Row a week and will be going into a more detailed way of sewing it up, she is also having a giveaway at the end of her QAL, so if you think you can make the timeline, you should definitely join up on that blog also. 

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  1. Hi Mara, I was just sourcing fabrics for this and can't get the pearl solid so was thinking about Winter White, also, are you actually using the Dogwood color that is recommended on the pattern? On the pattern it looks gray, but when I look on hawthorne threads it's more of a dusky tan? Janelle

  2. Hi Mara! I've just had a look at the pattern and it's gorgeous. I can't wait to see how you alter it to make smaller quilts. Love how you fussy cut the octopus :) Sarah x


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