Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Clock

I took a standard IKEA clock and made it into a pretty one of a kind clock to go into my daughter's room and since she is my little Ladybug, it only made sense to make the face numbers with ladybugs.

           Buttons of your choice from Button Mad ( I needed 3 button cards to put in 12 places) 4 Large Ladybugs L6, and 8 small ladybugs L530
           IKEA clock         
          The clock cost 2 euros, or in the States it is $2
IKEA Clock

Incomparable Buttons
 I especially love the sticker on the back of the card, "handmade fully washable giving employment to women in South Africa".  The quality of the clay button is really hard to believe, they charge 2 euros for a plastic button here, I couldn't believe I got a whole button card of these hand crafted beauties for 6 euros.
small ones for the 1,2,4,5,7,8,10 &11 spot, big ones on the 12,3,6 &9 numbers

 My picture really doesn't do them justice, you have to go and see their catalog and all of the cute buttons they make.  If your a dog lover a cute idea would be to use these button cards on a clock.
Okay So Let's get down to making one.

  Carefully remove the plastic lid, I popped the 3 clips from the back and then slowly lifted the lid with a screwdriver.  Next take the second hand off by unscrewing it going counter clock-wise, then pop the battery off from the back and the minute and hour hand will come off also.
Next trace a circle on your colored paper from the plastic lid, and cut just inside of the line you traced.
Make a little hole in the center.
 Place dots, where you want the buttons to go, I just followed the ones on the clock, I put mine a little to close to the edge to begin with- you will want to be careful because you need to leave room so the plastic lid will fit back on without bumping the buttons.
I placed my buttons on using Zots Dots, medium for the large buttons and small for the smaller ladybugs.
I also cut my hour and minute hand a little bit so as not to hit the buttons, the second hand just skims over them so I didn't cut it.  Put everything back in making sure everything is secure with your choice of adhesive and viola you have a pretty one of a kind clock that will fit your decor.
A special clock just for my kids.
I had a couple of extra buttons so I used the 2 small ones to make this project.
And have not decided yet what to do with the big ladybug, maybe add it to an outfit for my daughter or in a quote that will go in a frame for the wall, when I do I will let you know, or if you have any great ideas please let me know.

Thank you Button Mad for giving me one of your lovely button cards to make this project.


  1. Hi! I loved the idea! Come visit me too!

  2. It looks fabulous Mara - thanks so much for sharing a great tutorial.


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