Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mykonos Island

 Mykonos, a very popular Island in the Cyclades, it is your jumping off point if you want to go to Delos (the island I talked about earlier).  On TV they always show Mykonos very busy with the bars hopping, full of young beautiful people drinking and dancing half naked.  When I was there in October this was not so, during the day the cruise ships would let off a massive amount of people but they would be gone by the time the evening came. So if you want peace and quite come during the colder months, if you want to party and be partially naked then come in July, August and maybe even September.
The waves breaking on the walls in Mykonos Town.
Morning Quite on the Sea Front of Mykonos Town.
 During my time there the weather was cloudy and overcast with lots of rain, so I did not explore the beaches, but I have heard that they have some good ones on Mykonos.  The town itself was a blast to explore with the narrow windy white washed roads and small shops.  Cats where in every door step and the pop of color from flowers was breathtaking against the all white houses.
Mykonos Windmills while the sunset.

The Pelican, the island's mascot, I did not have consent from this man so smile.
Of course no trip to Mykonos is complete unless you find a Pelican to take a picture with, they are huge and unfortunately for this restaurant, very hungry and insistent on being fed (they kept trying to walk in).
You can fly or take a ferry to Mykonos, or if you are lucky enough a yacht.

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