Monday, March 11, 2013

Kithnos Island

Cyclades Islands
Today we are visiting Kithnos or sometimes spelled Kythnos, located just below Kea.
 With more than 70 beaches there are plenty of places for a person to relax and maybe enjoy some ouzo or a cold Frappe.
Kithnos is truly amazing in that it has on of the oldest known habitations in the Cycladic islands, they have found human skeletons and stone artifacts dating back 12,000 - 14,000 years ago, WOW.
In 1983 it became Greece’s first place for a wind park.
And then in 2002 (not very long ago at all) they discovered an intact and un-plundered Temple, that was filled with over 1,400 artifacts,  including precious jewels, gold and silver.  An amazing find considering that the Islands were attacked by Pirates and Marauders for centuries and no one found this 2,700 year old Temple to Hera.
Wouldn't you like to moor your boat here and spend a few leisurely hours walking around and perhaps finding your own hidden temple.


  1. yeah i would like to moor my boat and spend a few leisurely hours walking around finding your own hidden temple. 70 beaches sounds like a lot of beaches for such a small island. i like to hear more aobut that.

  2. I could skip Athens and go straight here.. the chair near the water seems so me and a must.. hope this isnt far from your house..


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