Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Meteora Greece, Roka

I live in one of the most beautiful places in the World, or at least that's what I think.
Would you like to know where I live?
Between these 2 big rocks and a little tiny rock in the middle called Roka.
Where do I live?
In Kalampaka, Greece, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known as Meteora, surrounded by these wonderful rocks and several monasteries
When I heard about the Travelling PicStitch Bloghop, I got very excited what better place to come visit than Greece and wouldn't it be fun to make something that looks like home.  I used the Palette Builder from Play Crafts.

Of course when I first read about it I thought that the idea was to make something look like a place.  When I started seeing all of the other blogs during the blog hop I was like oops, but I already had my idea and once I get an idea it's hard to change it.
So I made my own little EPP's in a design that I thought looked like the above pictures.
There's the Roka Rock between the 2 big rocks
 I thought I would make this into a pillow but my sewing machine is out for a little while until I can find another converter, I blew my last one up using a crock pot.  This is another reason why I did this EPP (English Paper Piecing) project because my sewing machine was not in working order and I also spent several hours in the hospital and this is an awesome way to while away the hours keeping busy.  I cut my paper pieces and my fabric before I left and I got the first part of the project done in the Hospital (sewing the paper to the fabric), while Nik my son slept.

I finished it at home, this is my first attempt at EPP and I love it.
You can find more examples of Travellin" Pic Stitch here.

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  1. It's gorgeous!! :) well done you! I see you're a new blogger - can you work out how to put a link in, or a button to the Travellin Pic Stitch page?


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