Thursday, December 6, 2012

Agiou Nikolaou Anapafsa Monastery, Meteora

Today is Saint Nikolaos Feast Day, so it makes only sense that I would talk about one of our Monasteries here called Agiou Nikolaou Anapafsa, it is the first open monastery that you will come upon if you are driving from Kastraki and up the road to visit the monasteries.  If you are walking or are approaching from the opposite direction then it will be your last one.  I normally hike from Kalampaka and by the time I get to Agiou Nikolaou I am to tired to walk inside so I have actually never been in there and have also borrowed the images used in this post from different sources.  You can find some fascinating information here and here and of course good old Wikipedia has more information about Meteora.

This is one of my photos, do you see it, down there
oh there it is, this photo was taken from the road under the Rossanou Monastery.
I would like to say that if you have been here before and it has been before this summer of 2012 then you will be happily surprised at the new and improved road, for the most part the road has been widened and now you really do not need to fear that you will be run over by a bus or pushed off a cliff.

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