Friday, November 9, 2012

Santorini and the Sunset

If you go to Santorini then you will be shown a beautiful sunset, every tourist gathers in the evening hours along the sidewalks and at the castle in Oia to see the sun slip below the waves.
Colorful Oia
 I was there in October and even though the hotels and domatia had few people, Oia was packed with camera snapping tourist.  If you have lost your friends during the day then you will be sure to find them in Oia for the sunset.
The old port at the bottom of Oia
 We drove down to the bottom of the pier and enjoyed dinner at on of the Tavernas lining the port.
Notice the Red Lava and the Castle remnants
 Then we walked up the path to the top to shop and view the sun going down.
Oia, Santorini as seen leaving on the Ferry

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