Thursday, November 15, 2012

Kamaki Ass

I just had to make another Sock Donkey from the tutorial over at Missy Mac Creations (Sock Donkey),
they are so easy to make and the kids really like them, plus they use up some old sock that have holes in them.  I love to up-cycle and this is one of the best and cutest projects to do just that.
Now you may be wondering at his title, Kamaki (καμακι) means harpoon, and it's what they call the Greek men that try to get foreign women into bed with them.  Some of them can be real asses, I mean donkeys.  If a Greek man says to you "Would you like to get some coffee?", he is hitting on you.  A little word of warning, most of them are harmless and will go away when you say no, but some can be persistent, then you just head for somewhere else and hopefully he won't follow.
Here are some real Donkeys (maybe mules too) in Greece, they still use them for transportation in some areas, we always see a few when we drive around, carrying wood or just pinned up outside.
This man was selling vegetables off of his donkey in Pireas (Athens area)

In Santorini I rode one of these babies up from Thira Port.
If you get a chance you should make your own little Sock Donkey, you will get hooked fast.  You have until Friday, November 16 to make one of these Donkeys and you can join the Donktober Festivities.  It was super easy to put together and would make great Christmas gifts, so check it out.

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