Thursday, January 24, 2013

And the Winner IS.....

I really wish I could give everyone, some of this delicious fabric!
The Random Number was 13, lucky 13!  Whoever says 13 isn't a lucky number it sure isn't
You get this octopus fabric hug all the way from Greece!
Anchors Aweigh Salt Water Quilt Bundle!
 I was surprised at how many people wanted to visit Athens, and then I thought well of course they do.  It would be like going to New York State and not going to New York City.  So for the next couple of days I will show you some of my favorite sights in Athens, a very busy city with a lot of ancient history.

 Thank you everyone who helped and answered my question in the post below, I have decided to go with the blue background fabric for the aqua line and grey for the coral.  This is perfect since I want to put the quilts on my kids bunk beds and my son will sleep on top (aqua salt water anchor on blue water) and then as you go down (it is ombre fabric) it goes into grey water for the bottom bunk bed my daughters made out of the coral salt water anchor, PERFECT.


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