Saturday, July 27, 2013

1 Thing I like about Greece


Halva is yummy buttery caramelized gooeyness that taste a little like a marshmallow after it has been toasted by an campfire.  How it is made or where it comes from I can not tell you, but I can tell you to buy it if you see it.
they generally offer you a taste of Halva as you walk by.
  I like the kind with Almonds and it definitely has to be made with REAL butter, of course you can find it with out Almonds and I think a few places use non butter, but trust me the real butter is much, much better.  A kilo cost a little less than 10 euros we normally go for 1/2 a kilo for 5, it's really not enough and is eaten very fast, my children just gobble it up, we even had to go to the fair a second time around because they wanted more and my daughter wanted her "own" wheelie thingie.

Kai Kati, is by far the best brand of Halva, but you won't be able to find this everywhere in Greece.  Look for it in the sweet shops, they keep it under heat lamps because this is the wet/warm halva, not the dry cold kind, it has a mealy texture like ground up sesame seeds ( I don't like that kind, but definitely give it a try to).
I was so busy taking pictures and excited to take a piece home that I almost forgot to pay the lady, ooopps, have you ever done that?


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