Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sea Horse mini Quilt and a Giveaway!

I made something for the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge over at Ellison Lane!

My very own Sea Horse Wall Hanging!  The Challenge...First Wall Hanging and first 3D project, so cool!
Using the Selvages and scraps leftover from making my Anchors Aweigh Quilt and my Honeycomb Pillow.
I did some organic wavy lines and other stitching to hold down the selvages on both sides, sandwiching it between a piece of batting.  Then I used up my leftover binding from making the pillow and bound the wall hanging by sewing machine.
Front and Back, closeup of stitching
For the seahorse I stitched up a whole bunch of little squares trying to match them up to look like this picture.
I traced this to bondaweb and then ironed it onto my fabric and cut away the extra fabrics, then I ironed the seahorse to a piece of leftover blue fabric from my quilt and did some embroidery to empasize the spines on the Seahorse.
I ironed on a piece of iron of batting and tucked the blue fabric behind it and then blanket stitched the Seahorse to the quilted selvages.
Mostly Coral color way of Salt Water with a strip of Aqua Octopus selvage
Back of Pillow with Front of Wall Hanging.
Front of Pillow with Back of Wall Hanging.
Size 12 1/2 Square and the Seahorse 2 1/2 x 6 1/2, Love the Selvages.
Now I need your help, the tail is moveable as is my "seaweed" should I have the Seahorse tail in front of behind the seaweed.
In front of behind
Did you read through all of that and want to see the giveaway?
I love June, it's the Birthday month in my family, mine, my daughter's, my brothers and my mom's are all in June and I have a dozen of friends that also celebrate a June birthday, gotta love those Gemini's.  So to celebrate my daughter and I are giving away a fat quarter of fabric from each one of the dresses I have made for her.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I wish we could be here, but it has been very rainy the past weeks.
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  1. Our first grandson was born just before my birthday....Happy Birthday to you!!

  2. My *0th!! my husband had organised a surprise party for me!!!
    BTW I prefer the seahorse tail behind the seaweed! Great quilt!

  3. My daughter was born several days after my birthday..

  4. My birthday is on New Years Day... there is always a celebration, and I enjoy that the focus is not on me - hehehe! My best memory was when I turned 9 - my friends and I all had a blast taking turns spinning around in a huge stainless steel bowl (the bowl was used for potato salad at a big New Years Party). My brother was the spinner and susprisingly not a one of us got sick!!

  5. I spend my 30th Birthday in China with my hubby :D

  6. My favorite birthday was my 29th, celebrated with my hubby in a wonderful Gasthaus in the Black Forest in Germany.

  7. I forgot to tell you how wonderful your seahorse quilt and pillow are. Your work is just beautiful!

  8. a very luxurious bath/pampering evening from my man :)

  9. my best birthday memory was my 30th birthday - dessert night with friends - it was lots of fun! I love your mini-quit - matches the pillow so nicely. You are so creative :-)

  10. Happy Birthday! We are 'birthday sisters' I have a June birthday next week! One of my favorite birthday memories was the year my grandmother let me decorate my cake by myself. She was very brave to let a 6 year old loose with all of that icing! :)

  11. It seems you really had fun with that mini! As per giveaway. I was so excited to get unexpected call on my Bday from a dear friend of mine. It's always nice to know that people cares.

  12. Mara,
    I'm so happy to have found your blog. My name is Jessica and I also have a Greek husband and two little kids. We live outside NYC but come to Greece each summer. We arrived in kifissia last weekend and tomorrow we leave for paros. It's so rare to find quilters in Greece, I'd love to chat more if you have time.
    Take care~

  13. The best I remember would be the first birthday I celebrated with my now "hubby". He treated me and my youngest daughter with a trip to see my oldest daughter at college. Took us out to dinner and a movie, gave me the most beautiful tri-colored gold bracelet... The beginning of a great life together!!

  14. I love your seahorse, stunning! Best Birthday memory...Spending my birthday on a Cruise Ship in Alaska - at midnight it was still light out and I could be on top of the ship. I could see for miles and the ocean just looked amazing.


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