Monday, May 20, 2013


Just in case you have wondered where I have been.  Depressed, depressed about the situation of Greece and the Greek people.
The country is beautiful, the people are corrupt, the government does not help matters and just makes things worse.  Instead of finding a way to make the 70,000 illegal rooms and villas pay taxes they are charging us more for our electricity.  We already pay $250 a month and this is just for lights, refrigerator, TV and computer, not for any cooling or heating of the home.
I will try to get my mojo for Greece back, but as of now, I am done.


  1. That is ridiculous! No wonder your mojo has deflated.

  2. Hi Mara, sorry you are so disappointed. I hope you get your mojo back, and feel a bit of love for some simple beauty there. They are making it so hard for you to feel the love, by the sounds of it!


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